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Newsletters & Letters to Parents 

Letters to Parents

Our most recently sent out letters will be available here for a short while.

If you have misplaced your hard-copy or are having problems with your ParentMail account, please feel free to download and print the latest letters:

Sports Newsletter (20/07/18)

Teddy Bear's Picnic lunch letter (10/07/18)

Tapestry PDF and Notification help-sheet for Reception parents (04/07/18)

PTA Summer Disco letter (04/07/18)

Dolphin Beach trip (29/06/18)

Puffin Beach trip (29/06/18)

Starfish Beach trip (29/06/18)

Year 2 to Year 3 Transition Info & Timetable (26/06/18)

Year 2 End of Year Assemblies (20/06/18)

Library News June 2018 (08/06/18)

Norse Menu info (07/06/18)

Sports morning 2018 flyer (07/06/18)

GDPR Compliant 'CPIS Photo Consent' Form (25/05/18)

GDPR Compliant 'EAST Data Privacy Notice' (25/05/18)

Year 1 Phonics Screening Check Guide for Parents (24/04/18)

Year 2 SATs information for parents 2018 (28/03/18)

Reading Open Afternoon - Year 2 (09/02/18) *replaces Giraffes Learning Cafe for that day

Reading Open Afternoon - Year 1 (09/02/18) *replaces Butterflies Learning Cafe for that day

Reading Open Afternoon - Reception (09/02/18) *replaces Dolphin Story Cafe for that day

Unexplained Absence Procedure (08/02/18)

Safety Around the School (04/01/18)

Highways England A47 improvements leaflet (13/12/17)

Trust information letter from Sue Mitchell (01/12/17)

Tapestry Guides for Reception parents: Android, iOS, web (28/09/17)

Learning Cafe Year 2 2017-18 (21/09/17)

Learning Cafe Year 1 2017-18 (21/09/17)

Story Cafe Reception 2017-18 (21/09/17) *6th December date changed to 5th December

Operation Encompass (Norfolk Police) letter (15/09/16)

Paperless schools (15/07/16)

School Car park & Gate Information (09/02/16)

Parking Advice letter 2016 (21/01/16)


Our most recent newsletters are available to download at the bottom of this page.

Opportunities for children at Cliff Park Schools

There are lots of opportunities at school and in the community for children to get involved in extra activities. However, we also know how difficult it is to make ends meet and sometimes it is difficult to find the money for extra things which make life richer for our children. The government makes additional payments to schools for those children who are disadvantaged because their parents have to manage on very low incomes.

To find out more see our 'Opportunities Fund' page.