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News & Events

Here you can find all the latest news from our school. We have various events, trips, fairs and other learning & community opportunities throughout the year, so check these pages to find out what’s going on each term.

A 'Calendar Grid' for next academic year (2018-19) is available here.

More information on school events, news and letters can be found on our 'Infant School News' pages, and 'Newsletters & Letters to Parents' page.



 This free service is the way in which the school communicates with parents on a day-to-day basis, via your smart phone, laptop, and more.

Information on ParentMail is available here:

Download the ParentMail App:

To download the App to your iPhone or Android phone, just click on the relevant icon below:

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For more ParentMail parent support, please click here.

Opportunities for children at Cliff Park Schools

There are lots of opportunities at school and in the community for children to get involved in extra activities. However, we also know how difficult it is to make ends meet and sometimes it is difficult to find the money for extra things which make life richer for our children. The government makes additional payments to schools for those children who are disadvantaged because their parents have to manage on very low incomes.

To find out more see our 'Opportunities Fund' page.

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