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Children in Need 2018

We all had so much fun this year for BBC Children In Need! 

On Friday 26th November everyone came to school dressed in spotty clothes, even the teachers! We did some Pudsey themed activities and learned about all the great things that the charity does for children. You have helped us raise an incredible £254.49 for this fantastic charity!

Our 'Child of the Week' pupils from each class were rewarded with the chance to paint the faces of teachers and teaching assistants! Five of our teaching staff ended the day with multi-coloured dots and splodges on their faces, and of course, they looked fantastic!

Thank you all so much for your help and donations!

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    CiN2018 5
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    CiN2018 4
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    CiN2018 3
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    CiN2018 2
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    CiN2018 1

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